Help & FAQ

What is Swapm?

Swapm is a peer to peer airplane seat exchange mobile application. The application can be accessed from your cellular device or tablet. Swapm provides a marketplace that gives two ticketed passengers who are connected to the internet and on the same flight the ability to swap their personal seat assignments with each other for a negotiated agreed upon monetary price, or a personally more desirable seat assignment.

What is the Application used for?

The Swapm application is an open marketplace for airplane passenger seats. You can negotiate a seat swap with anybody who has a Swapm account and on your same flight. Swapm DOES NOT sell airline tickets or airplane seats.

Is Swapm associated with any airlines?

No, Swapm is not associated with any particular airline at this time. It is a third-party service.

When a transaction is complete, does my boarding ticket reflect my new seat?

No, because Swapm is not associated with the airlines, your ticket will not be updated. You must board the plane based on your boarding position on your current ticket and take your new seat once you are on the plane.

Are there any regulations that disallow seat swaps?

No, flight regulations require airlines to maintain a flight record of who boards a flight but not of who sits in a particular seat. The seat assignments that the airline gives you when you purchase your seat transfers ownership of that seat from them to you at which point you are allowed to switch seats with another ticketed passenger on the same flight as you please.

Do airlines prohibit seat swaps based on different seat classes?

Airlines allow seat swaps between passengers sitting in the same class. Some airlines prohibit seat exchanges between classes if there are available premium seats for purchase. Make sure you agree to swap seats and the transaction goes through before boarding the plane.

Can Flight Attendants disallow seat swaps?

Yes, Flight Attendants have the final say in whether to honor your seat swap if there is a question as to whether this is your seat. If the flight attendant tells you that you cannot swap seats then you must go back to your original seat. Annotate that seat swap did not occur in the application and the transaction will be not be processed. A refund is possible based on the Refund Policy.

What happens when my flight isn’t one way?

If you are on the same aircraft for the second leg of a flight, then you may be required to return to the seat assigned by the airline upon arrival. Make sure you enter two separate flights into the application. One flight will be your first leg and the other flight will be your second leg.

When I post my seat, am I a buyer or a seller?

Anytime you post your seat on the application, Swapm is assuming that you would like to sell your seat. Therefore, you are automatically a seller. If there is a seat that you see on the plane and you would like to buy that seat than you can as well; however, you cannot buy another seat from one user and sell your seat to a different user. You can only have one transaction per seat per flight.

What if I enter my flight/seat information wrong into the Application?

If you enter your flight and seat information into the Application and it happens to be the wrong information, Swapm automatically verifies your flight information 48 hours prior to your flight. If you enter your flight information during that 48 hour verification window, Swapm will not allow you to add a seat to the flight without the proper information.

Why am I taking a picture of my seat number?

In order for other users to verify that you have a seat on their flight, Swapm requires you to take a picture of your Airplane ticket or seat number and users will be able to see the actual ticket and use their judgement on whether to swap seats with you.

What if I am flying Southwest?

Swapm does not currently have support swapping seats on Southwest Airlines. We are currently working on a way for Southwest members to sell their boarding position.

When can I enter my flight and seat information and swap a seat?

You can put in your ticket information as soon as you purchase your ticket. Once there are other seat swap opportunities on the plane then you start the negotiation process and agree on a price to swap seats. If you enter the wrong seat number, you can delete your flight (swipe left) from the My Flights screen and start over.

What if I accidently accept an offer or change my mind about a seat swap after an offer is accepted?

Have no worry as Swapm allows you to delete your flight information on the My Flights screen (swipe left) before you pay. Once you delete your flight, Swapm will automatically notify the seller of the seat that you deleted your flight and the seller seat will be available to swap. The same is true for the seller of the seat. Before the buyer pays for the seat, you can delete your information and the sellers seat will be released to pursue other swap opportunities.

Why do I have to wait 48 hours before my flight to pay for the seat swap?

Swapm uses backend coding to verify flight information. Once your flight and seat information is verified at that 48-hour mark, Swapm will show the seat map of certain aircraft and will allow the buyer to pay for the seat.

What do the different colors mean on the My Flights screen?

There are 3 colors associated with the My Flights screen. Blue, Red, and Green. Blue is the standard color of the airline details item with the Airline name, date and time of the flight. This will stay blue during negotiations. Once users have agreed to swap seats and a price to swap has been accepted, then the airline details will turn Red. This signifies that the buyer now needs to pay for the seat. Once the buyer pays for the seat, the airline details will turn Green, signifying that the transaction is processing and you can now swap seats.

When will a buyer’s payment be released and available in my Swapm Stripe Account?

24 hours after the flight, and if both users say the swap was successful, Swapm will release the funds to your account.

Why do I need to input my birthdate and last four digits of my Social Security Number?

(a) Swapm complies with the Know Your Customer (KYC) regulations in order to prevent the use of this application, intentionally or unintentionally, by criminal elements for money laundering activities. The information gathered by Swapm helps reduce and manage the risk of the Application, the payment merchant Stripe, and your Financial Institution.

(b) The KYC regulations broadly require two things: collecting information and verifying the information is accurate. Swapm automatically creates a user’s Stripe account upon sign up. Users are able to purchase and swap seats as they please with a valid credit or debit card; however, in order for users to cash out and transfer money to their bank account or debit card, Stripe needs to verify the user’s identity with the required information on this screen which includes but is not limited to a user’s date of birth, last four digits of their social security number, and a picture of a valid government issued identification card such as your driver’s license. Swapm and Stripe only use this information to verify your identity and the ownership of your accounts.

Do other users see my information

Yes, users can view a limited version of your profile which includes your picture, username and rating.

What information can I edit in my profile?

Users can only edit their profile picture and their username. The email address that you used to sign up for the application cannot be changed as it is linked to your Stripe account.

What is the referral reward program?

This program is unique to Swapm. When you share the application with your friends, via Swapm’s share functionality, and 50 of your friends download the application, Swapm rewards you with a onetime $2 credit to be used on a seat swap.

What are the fees associated with using Swapm?

Swapm charges a service fee of $1.49 as well as a 3.4% + $0.30 transaction fee to the Buyer. The seller is charged the $1.49 service fee; therefore, the seller will receive whatever the negotiated price is subtracted by $1.49.

Is there a minimum price for a seat exchange?

There is no minimum purchase price for seats; however, both users will still be charged the service fee of $1.49 for any transaction over $2.00. If a transaction is under $2.00, the buyer will only be charged the $1.49 service fee and a 3.4% + $0.30 transaction fee.

When can I cash out and withdraw funds to my account?

You can cash out funds as soon as there is money shown in your Swapm Available Stripe Balance. Swapm typically releases funds 24 hours after the flight. After Stripe releases your funds, your funds will be in a pending status for 2-4 days (Pending Stripe Balance) to ensure everything is good with the transaction. After that period, your funds will show in your Available Stripe Balance. Stripe will hold the funds in your account for 30 days at which point the funds will automatically be transferred to your linked bank account or debit card. If you didn’t link your account within that time, the money will be refunded to Swapm. The money earned can be accessed on the “Cash Out” screen.

Is there a cash out money limit?

There is no transfer limit to verified linked bank accounts. Transfers to link debit cards are limited to $3,000 (USD), and the recipient’s card must be a non-prepaid US Visa or MasterCard debit card.

What does it mean when my flight expires?

Swapm automatically deletes your flight from the “My Flights” section of the app when the flight has taken off. The time of deletion is dependent on the time zone of the departure airport. If you made a transaction, go to the “Seat Swap Status” screen to see the status of your transaction.

How can I request a Refund?

Refunds are accessible in the “Seat Swap Status” screen of the Swapm App. Only buyers can request a refund and a reason for the refund must be given. To successfully get a refund, you must follow the Refund Policy outlined in the Terms and Conditions. Note: refunds can only be requested up until the time of the flight. Once the flight has taken off and is expired on the application you must contact Swapm at

What happens when I request a Refund?

Once a refund is requested by the buyer of the seat, both seats that are involved in the transaction will be released and both users will be able to pursue other seat swap opportunities present on their flight within the application.

What do I do after I input my flight and seat information?

After you input your flight information, Swapm will take over from there! You will receive push notifications of any new seat swap opportunities on any of your flights that you inputted in the application. If you started negotiations with another user, you will receive notifications of every new offer as well. You will be reminded to pay for a seat swap and you will be reminded to sit in your newly swapped seat. If seats are swapped on your flight, you will also be notified of that as well. The beauty of Swapm is that it keeps you up to date with everything that is happening on your flight!

If I am logged out of the application, will I still receive the information dealing with a flight I entered in the app?

Yes, Swapm will send you emails to the email address that you registered with the application. The email will come from This email alias is not checked so please do not send any email correspondence to this address.